The vineyard

Three Vineyards and three tales

Three Vineyards graced with scents and rustic tales

When new rows of vines were planted years ago an important archeological and botanical discovery was made: Loredana Matrone had chosen to create a vineyard where there had already been one before. This finding confirmed that her choice was completely in harmony with the tradition and vocation of the generous land with thousands of years of history.

She has created three vineyards:

La vigna delle Rose (The Rose Vine): the rows are guarded over by roses. Following ancient methods, the noble rose acts as an indicator of the good health of the vine.

La vigna dei Bracchi (The Bracco Vine): this vine is close to the space dedicated to these wonderful animals. Every day they walk with Loredana among the rows of vines, tending to them cluster by cluster, checking the wellbeing of every plant and flower in the Winery, looking out for any alteration and breathing in the nature and history of the area.

La vigna dei Pampini (The Wine Leaf Vine): so called as a reminder of the place where the important archeological and botanical discovery was made of the pre-existing vineyard on the same site. That discovery demonstrated that this was the perfect spot to cultivate a good vine because this had been its ancient vocation, situated between the Picentini hills that gently slope down to the sea in the gulf of Salerno.

The soil where the three vineyards grow is well balanced sandy clay that alternates with strata rich in stones. The texture is loose but with adequate water retention and this allows for excellent early maturation of the sugar content of the grapes, while the balanced chemical composition of micro elements has a positive effect on the synthesis of the main organic acids and the phenolic ripening.

The right time for the right things

…it’s only natural

It took decades of patience and Loredana’s unfailing attention to achieve the right clusters of grapes. Beyond being a wine producer, Loredana likes to think of herself first and foremost as a wine grower, because good work always starts from the basics, from the planting of the vine, to the grape cluster and through to the wine making.

The unwavering commitment over time to create Excellence combined with Loredana’s passion and creative and scientific gifts have produced a pure Aglianico that is simply unique.


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