An enchanting place and a generous land

The vineyard and thousands of years of history

Wine is the product of labour and patience but also the gift of a most generous land. In just one sip it tells the story of the sensitivity that people have acquired over thousands of years of intense relationship with their roots.

Talking about wine in the terrain of San Cipriano Picentino, seeped in history and traditions, means tapping into a tale that stretches over thousands of years. The Cerrella Winery is located in the village of Filetta in San Cipriano Picentino, an enchanting place of rolling hillside, ancient buildings and unspoiled nature. It is a place with a history of ancient peoples, traditions and poetry. Indeed, the poet Jacopo Sannazaro who lived here for 20 years praised the area in his poems when he said “There, among the mountains lies a beautiful valley and stretching to the heavens above it, Mount Cerreta”.

Leggi tutto

Finding herself by returning to her land

when wine is made by a woman

The passions of a woman, Loredana Matrone, drove her to become a physicist, an acclaimed painter and later to return to her first love: her land, her dogs (all Bracco Italiano or Italian Pointers) and the vineyard.

Loredana is the alchemist who has combined in-depth study, modernity and tradition to recreate an Aglianico vineyard that fully respects the unspoiled nature that blesses the hills of the Gulf of Salerno.

Her passion for knowledge about the nature and history of her land, the winery, her roses, and the love for her dogs that accompany her every day as she checks her grapes one cluster at a time,

these are the ingredients she has conjured together into a single bottle of wine.


Wine Tasting Room

Try our wines


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