The wine

Pure Aglianico and wonderful fragrances

The tradition of the Campania region wines

This is a courageous Aglianico. From the terraces kissed by the southern sun and overlooking the sea, Cerrella renews the magnificent tradition of Campania wine, elegantly extracting from the generous earth the gentle fragrances of forest fruits and pomegranate.

The climate, exposure and the territory lend this wine its special, decisive forest fruit flavor, acidic base, and elegant and gentle tannin. The result of the indefatigable care and commitment of the Cerrella Winery produces a pure Aglianico that is distinguished, suitable for ageing and perfect for socializing as well as reflection.

This wine has completed its natural process of ageing in French oak barriques and is ready for tasting. 

A relationship that begins on the palate

and touches the heart

The Aglianico produced by the Cerrella Winery in San Cipriano Picentino is a superior, varietal wine from an organic and integrated cultivation.

We harvest by hand picking the best grapes from the vine; we place them manually into crates and in the winery we carry out pre-destemming manual sorting. The wine matures slowly over 18 months in French oak tonneaux beyond the normal vinfication process. These are just some of the characteristics that our passion for winemaking brings to a product of excellence.

Even the color of our wine delights with its beautiful ruby red with a purple hue.

On the nose, rich fruit, forest fruits, especially blackcurrent and blueberry, fascinating on the palate, soave and elegant, velvety soft tannin and lingering, clean finish.

Taking the time to observe the seasons year after year through the lifecycle of the vines, realizing that the hectic rush of daily life is what afflicts our times and our society, stopping for a moment to listen to the countryside and reap the fruit of the vines:

this is Aglianico Cerrella.

This is how pure Aglianico is made

labor, dedication, passion
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